Laptops Restored Services

Our service philosophy is simple. The laptop computer is a semi-disposable appliance that lasts 3-5 years. Thus, even if it is technologically possible to make a specific repair, it does not always make sense from a cost-lifetime calculation. If this is the case, we advise the client not to go through with a repair and with ~50% of our inquiries, this is the advice we give.

Laptops Restored specializes in the following types of laptop repair:

Damaged Screen Replacement

The flat panel screen is a very fragile part of the laptop. If the laptop is dropped or endures a substantial impact on the top, most likely the screen will be damaged. In nearly all cases, the screen is replaced rather than repaired. This procedure usually takes 2 days if a replacement screen is in stock. If you're ready to proceed, please visit our detailed instructions page. Please visit our Laptop Screen Replacement 101 page for a tutorial on laptop screen replacement.

Dark Screen (Non-functioning Backlight)

When the images on the screen are faintly visible, either the backlight, the inverter or the closed lid switch are at fault. We diagnose the problem and provide an estimate.

Data Recovery

If the laptop is beyond repair, if the repair is not economical, or if the hard drive has become corrupted and if valuable data still resides on the laptop, then a data recovery procedure may be neccesary. Laptops Restored is skilled in most types of data recovery and maintains relationships with partners for data recovery involving a physically damaged hard disk. Our policy is that you do not pay if data is not recovered.

Hinge Repair

The hinges for the screen assembly are a high stress part and sometimes fail due to wear and tear or misuse. If the hinge is not repaired quickly, cables running from the motherboard to the screen assembly can be damage. Laptops Restored replaces the damaged hinges with new hinges, and repairs any broken plastic parts if necessary. For more on laptop hinge repair/replacement, please visit the hinge repair page.

iPhone and Blackberry Screen Replacement

Laptops Restored replaces cracked or non-functional screens on the Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry smart phones. For more information please visit Screens and Batteries.

Nintendo DS and Sony Playstation PSP Screen Replacement

Laptops Restored replaces broken screens on the Nintendo DS and Sony Playstation PSP game consoles. For more information please visit Screens and Batteries.




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